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Red barn in Alvin
Out somewhere in the ranchlands of Alvin, there's a stirring in the quiet...
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Welcome to AlvinWiki! The only wiki in the known universe to be completely about everything Alvin.

Story Bible

All of the information in this wiki has been around for ages in the form of printouts and drawings of all the details I needed to remember while writing the Alvin mystery books. If you've read any of my interviews (or heard them, I did some on radio shows and podcasts) you may have heard me talk about my Alvin Story Bible. Basically, it was a big notebook full of every different fact I ever wrote down about characters, there backstories, places, relationships, birthdays, you name it.

Well, now that I'm on book four, that was becoming too cumbersome to simply have a bunch of Word documents in a binder and having to keep printing out more sheets of paper every time I changed anything that I finally thought, "You know? There's got to be a better way." And then I thought, "Hey! Why not do it as a wiki?" I didn't answer that question, I assumed it was rhetorical. Instead, I posed yet another question: "And while you're doing that, why not clean everything up and make it accessible to fans of the books?" That one, I answered. "That's a great idea," I said to myself. And so, here we are. This is, in every possible essence, my Alvin Story Bible, only made far easier to navigate as a wiki.

It's currently a work in progress (well, it will always be a WIP as long as I'm actively writing the books), so ignore any weirdnesses, especially in the beginning.

I have a lot of information to tidy up and transfer over, and I have writing deadlines, so it's going to take a little time.

How Much Stuff Really Changes That Much?

In other words, this is the "I don't believe you" section. Actually, you'd be surprised. I just third drafted book four of the series (currently called Sticks and Stones,' and I haven't actually finished compiling everything I added to the Alvin universe, but there's a lot. With every book, the outskirts of the city get pushed back a bit and new areas and roads appear magically. The population has been exploding since book two. I think we're over six thousand people now! Woohoo! Also, new characters come in with every new book, of course. And Main Street is getting a little packed with fine establishments.

Another thing that is happening as I write more novels is the backstory of different characters starts to really solidify. Especially the major characters. You'll see all that in here. In fact, you'll see everything possible to see about the environment of Alvin, Alabama providing the information doesn't fall under the heading of "spoiler."

See Also

Here are some links to some interesting things you might want to check out while you start perusing the AlvinWiki. I plan on doing a Google Map of the town as soon as I have time and that will, of course, be added to this list soon. I have other ideas as well, such as a weather and moon phase calendar telling you exactly what date it is in Alvin based on the latest book (according to the one I just finished third draft on, we're sitting in July of 1989). Keep checking back and hopefully I'll keep coming up with new stuff, even between novels.

Anyway, here's the links to get you started. Any link that's red doesn't work yet. It's just there to remind me I have to get it done:

I hope you enjoy the wiki. For me, it's really a tool I have to use on a regular basis. Actually, at this point, I think I know Alvin more than I do the place I live.


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